office-movingPlanning is crucial to minimizing the cost of an office or industrial move and it takes experience to develop an effective plan. Boer’s Transfer & Storage will help you develop and implement this plan minimizing the “downtime” of your operations.

We will develop:

  • Department by department surveys, budgets and inventories
  • Floor planning and building preparation
  • Timing and work area schedules
  • Staff and equipment needs
  • Packing and labeling materials
  • Provide special equipment to ensure a safe and efficient relocation
  • Constant communication to ensure the most efficient utilization of our crews

A smooth move is vital to the efficiency and profitability of your business. Whenever an office move takes place, it is actually two moves – moving out and moving in. Each move has unique requirements and needs special planning. We are experts at anticipating your special needs. That’s why Boer’s Transfer & Storage is your best source for designing your upcoming office move.


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